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Responding to Domestic Violence with a Trauma-Informed Lens for GP’s and Primary Care Providers

8 February @ 3:30 pm - 5:30 pm

Virtual Classroom
Learning Outcomes:

  • Developing an understanding of the types, prevalence, adaptations to and impacts of complex trauma (including domestic and family violence)
  • Identifying possible adult health presentations of complex trauma
  • Recognising symptoms and signs with a trauma-informed lens
  • Determining strategies for working with clients who have experienced complex trauma in short-form consultations, to enhance safety and minimize re-traumatisation.

The Safer Families Centre is leading The Readiness Program, a national domestic and family violence (DFV) training program for primary care.
As part of The Readiness Program series, Blue Knot Foundation is bringing you the latest in trauma-informed awareness and support for general practitioners and primary care providers to recognise complex trauma and its possible health presentations.
The Readiness Program provides a range of learning options to support for primary care providers to effectively recognise, respond and refer domestic and family violence using a trauma and violence informed approach.

The virtual classrooms are free. However, access is only available to those who work in a General Practice, Community Health or Aboriginal Medical Service. You will need to provide details about your workplace when you enrol.