Connecting health professionals from the Midwest-Gascoyne region of Western Australia

Midwest-Gascoyne Health Professional Network Launch

The Midwest-Gascoyne Health Professionals Network welcomes health professionals from throughout the Midwest-Gascoyne region of Western Australia.  Registration to the site allows access to extensive support resources not available to general users.

Aboriginal health worker
ATSI health practitioner
Chinese medicine practitioner
Clinical psychologist
Community health representative
Dental hygienist
Dental therapist
Dental specialist
Dental medical specialist
Diabetes educator
Exercise physiologist
Federal health representative
General practitioner

Health administration
Health agency representative
Health promotion
Hospital doctor
Medical radiation practitioner
Medical specialist
Mental health professional
Nurse – enrolled
Nurse – registered
Nurse and midwife
Nurse practitioner
Occupational therapist

Podiatric surgeon
Practice administration
Practice manager
Public health representative
Social worker
Speech pathologist
State health representative
Student – health
Student – medicine
University representative

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We are currently seeking expressions of interest from health professionals living and working in the Midwest-Gascoyne to join our committee.

To express your interest, please complete this application form and return it via email to 

Meet a local health professional

Meet the lovely Juanita Penberthy

Allegro Physiotherapy

What are your professional interests/specialities?

Allegro have a team of 15 admin and therapy staff, so my week consists mainly of managing staff and teams to ensure all aspects of our business are functioning at their peak.

As a Physio I found there was a huge gap in experienced therapists effectively assessing and treating TMJ issues and anything Vertigo related. That’s my passion because vertigo is so very debilitating and we can make a huge difference, instantly in many cases.

Tell us, where are you from and how did you get to be a Physiotherapist in the Midwest-Gascoyne?

I was born in Perth though raised and educated in Geraldton and formed strong connections through the local community and sporting affiliations.

I accepted a role at Geraldton Regional as a new grad in 1996 to save money for a great European adventure!

What do you love about the Midwest-Gascoyne?

The Midwest-Gascoyne is so rugged and diverse, so beautiful and such a great place to raise a family.  I love that I can call anyone, any time-  to help out a local, a client or a friend who may be in need- there’s a real sense of community here.

Did you always want to be a Physiotherapist? Why?

God no! I didn’t even know what that was.  One day in year 12 we all got called into a room to write down our preferences for university and I didn’t know what to write so I asked my mate what he was writing down and he said Physio- I had to ask him what that actually was! Sounded OK so I put it down.  I didn’t want to do medicine as I wanted to travel as soon as possible and wanted a profession that offered normal hours of work.  I started Physio, hated it, gave it time and graduated- still didn’t love it for many years until I started my own business and got to finally do Physio on my own terms.

What are your passions?

People are my passion.  To work in health and be able to help people who are quite often struggling in life is everything to me.  To break that cycle of misinformation, lack of choice and control and assist people to find options and solutions- that’s what Allegro do. So passionate about my team of amazing humans- can’t even tell you how proud.

When you aren’t working, where will we find you?

I will be with my girls and John, usually at sport, either dropping them off or coaching a team of theirs.  Otherwise, with my beautiful doggos and our family at the beach or hanging at home with the Grandies 😊

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